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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 21, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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call the number on my screen right now, 877-225-8587. yeah, you haters, will put you on the air too, let's not your heart be troubled. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight... >> i hate trump. he deported my father and my uncle because they were illegal immigrants. >> bill: the cultural divide in america, especially over illegal immigration, getting more intense. will president trump win this controversy? "talking points" will address it. >> it is really hard for me to"t hold back... my tears, because all of us have been grieving. >> bill: a california police officer shot dead by a gang member. but authorities don't want to say if the man is an illegal alien.
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we will tell you what we know. >> we expect the president of the united states to have sources of information that goes beyond fox news. >> bill: also ahead, last night, violence erupted in a muslim section of stockholm, giving credence to president trump. we will tell you what happened. caution, you are about to enterl the "no spin zone." "the factor" begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> bill: hi, i am bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. president trump in a culture war. that is the subject of this evening's "talking points" memo. it is becoming quite clear that the trump administration will succeed or fail based on itstr economic programs. if tax cuts lower regulations and better trade deals, create more well-paying jobs, the president will defeat enemies. it seems that mr. trump also wants to win the culture war.
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if he really does, you must change your style.le on saturday in melbourne, florida, the president pointed to sweden as a country that was having trouble with migrants. that's true, as we will show you shortly. but his words were not precise and his enemies hammered him. so another lesson learned. facts will win the culture war, not opinion. and the facts are stark. america is divided on many issues including national security. should we have strict immigration enforcement or the lazy attitude of the past, where if you overstayed your visa, authorities wouldn't look for you, and if you illegally cross the border from mexico, you were released. last night on "the factor," we told you about a man whoou had been deported eight times, a convicted drug dealer. and we also reported that not one member of the democratic party had criticized that man. instead, they focused on the son who was taken into custody by i.c.e. along with his father.
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there's outrage because the son was shielded by president obama's daca program. even though he might have affiliations of the gang. the left wanted him immediately released, no consequences. now, that kind of situation is very troubling. the same thing happened with kate steinle when she was allegedly murdered by an illegal alien criminal who had been deported five times. now, most americans do not wantd a country with no standards of behavior. but against a determined open border crew, you must zero in on the facts very precisely. the reason we have such a cultural divide in america is that for eight years we had a president, barack obama, who saw the country as flawed. he wanted to institute vast change, from income redistribution to retreating overseas to painting a picture of america as a rather troubled nation. that is what president obama did, and he wasn't quiet about >> all of us have more work to do. >> so we have work to do.
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>> we have more work to do. >> here's the thing, we have a lot more work to do. >> yes, we still have more work to do. >> bill: and that kind of negative view of the usa sunk in. but now we have a president that believes that america is inherently a great country and wants to restore that mantle. but mr. trump often veers away from hard facts. that allows the people whofr despise him to attack, sometimes effectively. look, there is no question that criminal illegal aliens are creating havoc all across the usa. there is no question the democratic party is fine with that. so that is the culture war i battle that should be fought. fox news correspondent steve harrigan spotlighted the situation in florida. >> mugshots tell the stories in brief. first degree murder, aggravated assault, heroin. the bigger story involves a revolving door of undocumented aliens.
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mexican national hectorramirez n arrested and deported from the u.s. seven times. >> it is not a problem. it is an epidemic. >> for those on the front line, the frustration is evident. >> our primary mission, our primary goal has got to be to get the illegal aliens committing felonies out of this country and keep them out. >> bill: summing up, the trump administration will rise or fall on economics. but it does have the opportunity to win the culture war. but in order to do that, discipline and facts must dominate the presidential discourse. facts, not opinion, will trump propaganda. that is "the memo." pardon the pun. now, for the top story reaction, joining us from new york city, juan williams and lisa boothe. where am i going wrong, lisa? >> i don't know if you are going wrong anywhere specifically. i don't agreede necessarily that
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president trump cares as much about winning the culture war. >> bill: you don't think he is engaged in that?ti >> i think he is engaged in the issues that you mentioned. i think he sees specifically, for instance, regarding the democratic party, they gave illegal aliens a platform at the democratic national convention. i mean, if you look at that, you see the difference between the y democratic party. >> bill: they gave peaceful, not criminal. look, i think you are wrong in a sense that donald trump believes america cannot be great unless, as he says, it reclaims its borders and it enforces the law. that is the cultural divide. there are some who don't want the law enforced.ra >> no, that is why he said he was the law and order candidate. i think, more broadly, if you unpack that, it was a variety of issues. national security, domestic issues, illegal immigration was obviously -- >> bill: criminal illegal immigration. >> criminal illegal immigration.
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>> bill: let's get to juan. you say, juan? >> i like the "talking points." there are some points i disagree with. i just want to start with one i very much agree with, which is that president trump has to stop shooting from the hip or the lip and actually stick to the facts. by the way, bill o'reilly, you might remember a 2006 book called "culture warrior" by one bill o'reilly, in which you make this exact point. that if you want to win a cultural argument, make sure you know what you are talking about and stick to the facts. >> bill: if you don't, then your opposition, which is very energized at this point, doesn'o deal with the real crux of the problem. all right? it goes away. he wants to deport chambermaids. he has a deportation force. >> you got to stick to the facts. this is the one point you and i would disagree on is, you said, illegal alien criminals are causing havoc in the country. i don't see the statistics --
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>> bill: did you not hear the polk sheriff? you can go down to any southern state, and they will tell you -- >> that is anecdotal. >> bill: wait, wait, wait. he is the sheriff ofcd polk county. >> i'm saying, if you look at the statistics, the crime rate, especially the violent crime rate of illegal immigrants, is far lower than us as american citizens. >> there are plenty of statistics to show that something like 50% of federal crimes are committed of the0% border, that illegal aliens are disproportionately in state o prisons. i mean, there is plenty of evidence.. >> lisa, you know what theirta crime is? lisa, their crime is crossing the border illegally. >> bill: let her talk, juan. >> this is a point of frustration. the democratic party's been incredibly disingenuous with president trump's immigration policies and wanting to crackdown on illegal immigration, in particular, criminal illegal immigration. because president trump deported more illegal immigrants than any other president in history, 2.5 million.n. >> bill: you said trump, you
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mean obama. obama deported -- mostly that was at the border, okay, when it was either a turnback or a go free. look, stats aren't going to get us anywhere here. juan, you really, truly believe that criminal illegal aliens are not a problem in this country? do you really believe that? >> no, no, no, hey, hey, hey. i didn't say they weren't a problem. they are not causing havoc. they are gang members. >> bill: as far as havoc, juan, they are drug dealers, drug cartels -- come on. >> not nationally. >> bill: not nationally? >> the problem here is that you have got a situation where president trump is now changing laws so that people can be picked up and deported for a traffic ticket! >> bill: that doesn't really happen. that hasn't happened. all right? the big cause celeb is the woman who was deported. i >> he's changing the rules. >> bill: the big cause celeb is the woman who was deported for stealing somebody's identity,
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which is a serious crime. lisa, the last word. >> the reason why i brought up that president obama statistics, i think there's a lot of hyperbole on the left. that is the problem. because the crux of whatat president trump is doing is just following the current laws on the books. >> bill: okay. >> not for a traffic ticket, lisa. >> oh, please. >> bill: juan, there hasn't been anyone deported for a traffic ticket. you are spewing fake news. >> [laughs] >> bill: if it happens, we will cover it. it's fake news, nobody has been deported for a traffic ticket, juan.. we don't want fake news. okay. we will have more on this throughout the program. next on the rundown, some americans want all illegal aliens deported. but that might be a disaster for the trump administration. we will have a special report. later, just hours after thetr swedish prime minister criticized president trump on the refugee question, stockholm erupts in violence. wait until you hear this. "the factor" is coming right back. ♪
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♪ >> bill: "impact segment" tonight. last night, i debated dr. austan goolsbee, a democrat. my issue was dr. goolsbee'st. contention that his party doesn't care a whit about criminal illegal aliens in this country. dr. goolsbee offered this dissent. >> the thing that is objectionable about donald trump's policy is, he started by saying, let's deport criminals, now he is redefining what a criminal is. >> bill: i haven't seen any redefinition. i haven't seen any. >> bill: dr. goolsbee was referring to homeland security directives that say aliens who commit minor crimes may also be targeted. the big picture is that the trump administration may deport illegal aliens who have not committed some low-level crimes, including welfare fraud.s also, homeland security also has the authority to deport anyone they see as "a risk" to public safety.
8:15 pm
joining us from austin, texas, karl rove. it is my belief that if you start to round up, as juan was saying, people getting traffic tickets, all right, even though you can be an illegal alien in california and get a driver's license, if you start to do that and you are pulling chambermaids out of motel 6s, or whatever, americans are not going to want it. am i wrong?ve >> no, i agree with you. look, that is not what secretary kelly apparently wants, either. he recognizes, and these two memoranda, which, incidentally, are available on the first page of department of homeland security.em any american can go and read them. he makes it clear that they want to prioritize the use of the resources of the department of homeland security to focus on people who have committed criminal acts or engaged in criminal behavior. his spokesmen have made it clear in the interviews that they do not anticipate, they don't have the resources to round up 11 million people, nor do they have any intention of doing that.
8:16 pm
>> bill: and just today, there were new guidelines put out. mostly more border patrol agents, more i.c.e. agents back and stuff like that. but the daca, 750,000 daca people, they are not going to be deported. i mean, that was not in thee new homeland security directive. but that doesn't stop the democratic party -- and i am using that in a general sense, not all democrats -- but the hierarchy, as continuing to gogo out and say, "he wants to deport the gardeners. they can't get the farm workers. he's scaring everybody." the facts don't seem to matter. therefore, my contention is, that president trump, if he wants to win hearts and minds, he's got to stick on the facts, as we do here on this program, and pick up the threads of the seattle
8:17 pm
situation, the kate steinle situation. those are factual.ea >> i would make two points. first of all, i was interested last week, 74% of the people who were rounded up in the i.c.e. -- >> bill: had criminal records. >> no, no, no, no. 74% of them had felony criminall records. >> bill: okay. >> virtually all of them had some form of criminal record that was not a felony, for example, they had an order too remove themselves from the country and hadn't or they were charged with the criminal offense but had not been resolved. but 74% under the definition of i.c.e. are people who had criminal offenses that they had committed. i went back and looked. this is a report for 2016. it is emblematic of the report for every year that president obama has been in office. that is, his roundups got no more than 59% of the people who fell into the same hard-core category that generated 74% last year -- last week. in fact, last year, 2,000 people -- remember that kid was swept up in seattle because his uncle is a drug dealer and he is a dreamer? last year, there were 2,000 such people who barack obama's
8:18 pm
administration caught as a result of their sweep and whom they sent back. we didn't see the screaming and shouting that we are seeing now. i am with you. now, look, i am with you. i don't think it is wise for the administration to engage in trying to round up and sent home 11 million people. but i think these steps they have gotten, this is literally what it says. here's what you are going to prioritize. anybody who has committed a criminal offense. anybody who has been charged with a criminal offense but it hasn't been resolved in a court of law. anybody who has committed a chargeable offense.ut somebody who has been engaged in fraud to achieve a government somebody has abused a benefit program. somebody who is subject to a lawful removal order and has failed to comply with it or somebody, as you said, who is a risk to public safety or national security. a that is a pretty good standard that i think a lot of people would agree with. >> bill: we have a new poll tomorrow, but there are 950,000 people with deportation orders right now that haven't been served.
8:19 pm
you can expect in the next sixix months to a year that this is going to be all hell breaking loose in this country. because homeland security is going to go after those 950,000. you saw what happened last week when 653 rounded up. this is going to be the story of the year, i believe. >> we do need to have an answer on how to resolve humanely the>> people that are law-abiding and kept their nose clean and been a part of our society for some number of years. >> bill: the debate inn congress should begin. mr. rove, thank you. directly ahead, the country of sweden getting hammered forr admitting muslim refugees and migrants. they don't want to tell the truth of sweden. later, gutfeld and mcguirk robots intruding on the workplace. up ahead.
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>> bill: "factor follow-up" segment. as we have been reporting for months, the country of sweden, population about 10 million, having a very hard time assimilating muslim immigrants and refugees. in fact, the swedish government recently made it much more difficult to refugees to enter.r nevertheless, when president trump referencedem sweden's problems on saturday, all hell broke loose. >> you look at what is happening in germany, you look at what's happening last night in sweden -- sweden. who would believe this? sweden. they took in large numbers, they are having problems like they never thought possible. >> bill: the problem of the president statement is that nothing specific happened on friday night.. apparently, he saw a report on the tucker carlson program and referenced to it. that prompted the former swedish prime minister to say this. >> it was important to make clear that this is wide off the mark.
8:24 pm
we expect the president of the united states to have sources of information that goes beyond fox news.te >> bill: a short time after that statement, a mini riot erupted in a stockholm suburb, about 90% muslim. the problem seems to be the swedish police arrested a dope dealer in that neighborhood who residents didn't like. this happen two other times in the past. the big picture is this. the swedish government doesn't want to admit to the world that they have a migrant problem. dana perino, cohost of "the five." almost an act of god. hours after that -- boom! the whole place goes up. 90% muslim in that neighborhood. have you ever been to sweden? >> i have not been. my husband has been. [laughs]ee >> bill: i spent some time in stockholm, and sweden is a very homogenous country. they all look like you. take a good look at miss dana perino. >> except for i think they are a lot taller than me. i >> bill: that's true. you are a munchkin.
8:25 pm
the suburb, rinkeby, i have never been there, the word is, cops don't even want to go in there, the same kind of ghettoized situation, all the people from north africa and the middle east, the migrants and refugees keep their own culture, don't assimilate into swedish culture.nd the government cracks down, and now it makes it harder for migrants to get in. yet, they don't want to tell the world what is going on in sweden. they just don't.atng >> because of the media in particular actually came under scrutiny. the swedish media for under reporting sexual assaults in 2013 and 2014. that was a scandal that erupted earlier this year. they had to come forward and talk about that. i think that sweden, they are experiencing a law of good intentions. they have long been generous, they want to be open. they opened their doors to hundreds of thousands of refugees from mostly three countries, syria, afghanistan, and iraq.nd in 2015, 163,000 refugees came in.
8:26 pm
but in 2016, as you pointed out, they dropped it down to about 30,000. >> bill: that is a pretty big drop. >> it is a big drop. because they realize they had a problem. >> bill: this is my problem. look. i'm not disparaging sweden and its history of generosity to the rest of the world. during world war ii, sweden was a neutral country, but the red cross operated out of there and saved thousands of people. but now, did you hear with the prime minister said? he is shocked that our president, who essentially told the truth, but again, didn't use the precise language you need to use to win the culture war, going back to our first block, okay, so what is this guy trying to say? i mean, if it were me interviewing the guy, he would have been a puddle.e >> you can imagine that the prime minister of sweden has thrown shade at the united states of america, you would expect that the presidents would say, presidents in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. look at your situation in sweden. one of the problems they haveve over there is that they have been so generous that they have
8:27 pm
given no incentive to assimilate at all. if you arrive and you can get a house and you don't have to assimilate and learn how to work beyond the labor work -- >> bill: they give you everything. >> there is no reason to assimilate. those that are born there, they are living in a ghetto. now they have a problem. 90% muslim. that means there is no mixing at all. >> bill: the reason we are reporting on this, this is why the trump people, people that support the president, don't want the mass migration here. they don't want the same kind of problem level that they are seeing in sweden and in germany and in france.ei there are problems there, all right? they are definitely having an impact, they, being the refugees and migrants.he almost an overwhelming impact. >> i wish that these countries would be willing to help united states solve thesear problems at the source. that is how you solve a refugee problem. none of these people want to leave their countries. they do it out of desperation. >> bill: well, president obama did not want to do that.
8:28 pm
i don't know if president trump wants to solve it at the source. >> i am a source kind of gal. >> bill: all right, dana perino, everybody. plenty more as "the factor" moves ahead tonight. two cops shot in california. one is dead. police have arrested a gang member, but delayed releasing his information. why? then, gutfeld and mcguirk on more nasty stuff. we hope you stay tuned for those reports.
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>> bill: "personal story"
8:32 pm
segment, tonight, president trump visited the new african-american museum in washington today as part of black history month. he went out of his way to praise martin luther king jr.'s niece. >> i also want to profoundly thank alveda king for being here and as we saw her uncle's wonderful exhibit. he certainly deserves that. ms. king, i can tell you this personally because i watch her all the time, and she is a tremendous fighter for justice. so, alveda, thank you very much. i have been watching you for so long, and you are so incredible. >> bill: very nice. joining us from orlando is dr. king. so, first of all, you got a little emotional there. it was very nice of him to do that for you.. you had been a supporter of his
8:33 pm
an outspoken supporter. why did you decide to do that? >> bill, i am a fox news contributor and director of civil rights for the unborn. so i am on television a lot, and i believe the president has been watching. and i really appreciate him taking the time to just say a couple of words like that. now, there were 17 candidates, if you remember, on the conservative side. i had a very short list. president trump was always on that short-list. and so -- >> bill: why? what did you feel he could brin: to the presidency that gains your support? >> the very first thing that he said was certainly, when he said, i am pro-life, we will defund planned parenthood. that grabbed me. when he said, people in americaf need to work, we will bring their jobs back, that will help gevery american, includingy african-americans. african-americans want to work, have good education, peace and cacurity, just like every american. the american dream is still alive. when he said that, that got my attention.
8:34 pm
also, the supreme court justice. it was just that simple for me. >> bill: okay. now, many in the african-american community do not like president trump.n some are even calling him a racist.. i never could figure that out. there is no history of that in the man's background, just like today, they were calling him an anti-semite or something, what are you talking about? it is ridiculous. but they do it. so why are some african-american so vehemently opposed to the president? >> you know, there is an ongoing social media conversation, sometimes, on mainstream media between my cousin, bernice king, who voted for hillary clinton, mrs. clinton, and i voted for president trump. so we have agreed to resolve our differences nonviolently without fighting or arguing. that is okay for some people not to have voted for president trump. but it is the violence that has to stop. we have to have open and honest communication. many blacks are hearing fake
8:35 pm
news. many blacks are hearing fake news. fake news. >> bill: how did it get out that donald trump was a racistst in the african-american community? >> fake news. >> bill: but who was putting the fake news out? does it come out on a television network?k? does it come out in a newspaper? magazine?om how does it get out there? >> it is on social media a lot. we are seeing a lot of that. just accusing him of being a l racist without doing real homework, real investigation, for instance, al sharpton and jesse jackson complimented donald trump several years ago. said his plans were great for the urban community. all of a sudden, you hear he is racist, he hates black people. that just really is not the truth. he and dr. ben carson, interestingly enough, dr. carson has accepted that hud position, and during the campaign, it was tough, it was gritty. but they came together, meeting of the mind, he and senator
8:36 pm
tim scott, they are the national trump coalition, diversity coalition, there are many african-americans about coalition who really just like the same things that i like. the pro-life plan, the economic plan, the education plan, the safety and security. everybody, every american, the american dream is still alive. so the fake news, calling him a racist, that has to stop. >> bill: we hope it does, ms. thanks for coming out tonight. when we come back, two d california police officers gunned down. one is dead. but for some reason, authorities were reluctant to say much about the gang member who allegedly committed the murder. that report moments away. 1 dry d 1 dry d recommended by dentists. biotene. for people who suffer from a dry mouth. that newly listede bank and wait ranch will be gone. a mortgage, or, you could push that button. [dong] [rocket launching] skip the bank. get approved in minutes. lift the burden of getting a home loan with
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>> announcer: "the o'reilly factor," the number one cable news show for 16 years andnd counting.ew >> bill: thanks for staying with us. on bill o'reilly. the "law and order" segment, two very hot topics. a proposed law in colorado that would allow residents to sue politicians who run sanctuary cities. >> if they create the environment, they have to own it and have skin in the game. >> state representative dave williams proposing a bill allowing victims from crimes for undocumented immigrants to sue elected officials if the crime takes place in a sanctuary city. in colorado, it could be the mayors of denver, aurora, and boulder, could be sued for $2 million. >> bill: with us now, a
8:41 pm
attorney and fox news analysts, kimberly guilfoyle and eboni williams. in these municipalities, and all of these judges, and all of this, you can't sue. they have protections, fewer elected to an office, or you are a judge, because they would be sued every hour on the hour, correct? >> sovereign immunity.e >> bill: sovereign immunity, i wish i had that. >> in some ways you do. here's the deal.this is somethik is well-intentioned.d. they want to put forth protections because victims of violent crimes like this, your have violent recidivists, have criminals reenter this country again and again. somebody should be held accountable.ic the kate steinle case is an exact example of this. the movement here in colorado, which by the way, is not likely to succeed because that because it will not get through the legislature, and likely will not get through. >> bill: i want to point out, eboni, in san francisco county, the judge threw it out.
8:42 pm
the steinle family tried, the judge says, you can sue the federal government. you can do that. but you couldn't do the county. why?nt >> they are still trying to offer the protections that kimberly is talking about at the local level. that makes sense to me. i think these new laws, proposed laws in denver and elsewhere ars going to do, is create a duty. this is all about duty. if they can use this law toe create a duty that says if you knew or should have known that there is a violent propensity here with these people, they come in and out, then you do have a responsibility. if you want to use the argument that it is not our job to enforce the federal immigration law, that is fine. but you have to be accountable. you can't have it both ways. >> bill: but they can have it both ways, as ms. guilfoyle pointed out, it is not going to pass. they are going to get hammered. >> maine, ohio, texas, alaska. >> bill: in california, in whittier, a suburb of los angeles, two policeor offics answered a call for a traffic accident. one of them wound up shot to death, the other wounded. o
8:43 pm
they wounded the suspect, who then came into custody. the police chief of whittier is just beside himself. roll it. >> it is really hard for me to hold back... my tears, because all of us have been grieving since 10:00 this morning. and i didn't think i would be tearing up. but we are going to get through it. this makes us stronger. but everybody needs to know what these officers are dealing with out there on a daily basis. >> bill: this morning in our conference call for "the factor," we had a lively argument. because the authorities in los angeles county wouldn't release anything about the alleged murderer, not even his name. very unusual. m what does that tell me? it told me he might be an illegal alien. a okay? so we tried all day and all day
8:44 pm
and all day. we put pressure on them. late today, they released his picture and his name, turns out, he's not an illegal alien, eboni. but he is a gang member who was let out of the california prison because of overcrowding or some crazy thing. >> it is so nonsensical. yes, bill. there was a supreme court ruling that said california prisons were so overcrowded, it amounted to cruel and unusual punishment. this is a man who has multiple violent --su >> bill: time after time after time. they weren't violent, but theyul were car theft -- >> i think they were violent. >> i disagree. one of them was a robbery, grand theft auto. these are violent felonies. >> bill: you remember president obama, these are all nonviolent crimes unless you have a gun and you shoot somebody. that is how the system is working. they let this guy out. just a few days after they let him out, he shoots the cops to death. that is why. >> the 46-year-old cousin stole the car, gets in to crash, cops
8:45 pm
want to go render assistance, he shoots both of them, one survives, one is deceased. these are prison markings and gang tattoos on his face. this is someone who was held ata pelican bay state prison. this is one of the most serious, notorious prisons in the united states of america. >> bill: this is a bad hombre. >> maximum security for violent offenders. >> and maximum probation violations. >> bill: in california, it is basically, we have too many bad people here. if you are a bad people, but you are not that bad, you can do whatever you want to. >> he was only under -- >> bill: he should have been a pelican. he never should have been out. all right, ladies, thank you so much.t. gutfeld and mcguirk on deck more hateful anti-trump stuff, and robots coming to your workplace. the boys after these message.
8:46 pm
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♪ >> bill: "back of the book" segment, tonight, what the heck just happened? all over the country, the anti-trump movement still hyper overdrive. [crowd erupting] >> tear him apart! >> bill: nice lesson in chicago. here to comment, bernard mcguirk and greg gutfeld. if you did that to president obama, there would have been multiple arrests. >> you would have been run out of town. >> bill: the kids, they are
8:50 pm
exploiting their children.ti w "they" being any adult who woul, allow their kid to do that, is neglectful to be kind. you say? >> at least they are getting exercise while they are being brainwashed.d. that is a good thing. they are building muscle and you know what is great about this?ha it is fake news! there is no candy in the pinata! this is the ultimate symbol of liberalism. you need conservatives to create the candy. there is nothing in that. by the way, they are evil. you know why they are evil? all their faces are blurred. >> bill: we are kind not to show their faces. we could. they were in a public arena. what do you say about this? >> i agree with greg. that they put their iphones and video games down for a minute. even if they are simulating a lynching, they are getting some exercise. t it is better than watching the spoiled punks, watching the smug, sick looks on the faces of the parents while these kids act like isis savages. "love trumps hate?" you have a right to act like a
8:51 pm
blank-hole out there. >> bill: that's the thing.e there are no standards anymore of behavior. that is what i was trying to get up in a culture war. what kind of parents would allow their child to be involved with this? >> the president is hanging from the end of the rope. do you get it? if we have a woman president or another black president, then it's okay to do it? >> bill: it is just, you are transferring your aggression and hatred to your child. that's what you doing. the child doesn't understand. >> what kind of message are they sending about candy? >> bill: that's right, you are obsessed about candy. a >> candy should be uniting us, not dividing us. it's a pinata. >> bill: bill gates, everybody knows him. richest guy in the universe, maybe. >> amazing. >> bill: he is worried, along with gutfeld, about robots. roll the tape. >> right now, the human worker does $50,000 worth of work. in a factory, that income is taxed. if the robot does the same thing, you'd think that we would tax the robot at a similar level.
8:52 pm
>> bill: taxing the robots, coming into the workplace, mcguirk. you do a talk radio show. you got two weeks. it is going to be robbie the robot is going to be. [laughs] >> before i weigh-in on taxation on automation, and it's been a while since i graduated from the wharton school of business. the stint in the navy seals, the radio, the drug use, all the stuff. i still recall some of it. i think that taxing robots heavily could be an inducement to these companies to keep labod in human hands, which might not be a bad thing. >> bill: it's not going to stop, gutfeld knows that, because he is secretly behind the movement. i >> the robots will start writing off expenses, oil, wd-40, then they will have dependents like a roomba, a toaster oven. in five years, bill, they will replace you.e he will go "caution, the spin terminates presently."
8:53 pm
that is my impression of a robot o'reilly, ladies and gentlemen. >> bill: never going to happen happen. i will be the last man standing. >> i am already appeasing the robots because i know i am doomed. >> i would like a robot for a wife, this way, she wouldn't tax my patience, i could turn her off, just like gutfeld does to real women. >> bill: that might be our only shot kellyanne team. -- you're only shot kellyanne team the taxation thing is real. gates isn't fooling around. he wants companies that replace human beings with robots to pay a tax to the federal government. do you support that? >> if you have 40 to 50 million unemployed men, how will we play all that unemployment insurance? medicare, all those other unemployment -- >> i really do support it. automation is more than tpp and nafta, and cheap labor fromse mexico. these driverless cars are going to kill the workers out there.
8:54 pm
>> you can't stop progress, bernie. it is going to run right over you. >> bill: all right, gentlemen. pope francis has some good advice for everybody. "the tip," moments away. ♪ . ♪ safe drivers who switch to esurance could save money on car insurance. you know, the kind of driver who always buckles up... comes to a complete stop... and looks both ways, no matter what. because esurance believes that's the kind of driver who deserves to save money on car insurance. in fact, safe drivers who switch from geico to esurance could save hundreds. so if you switch to esurance, saving is a pretty safe bet. auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance. an allstate company. click or call.
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may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> bill: pope francis is speaking the machines in a moment. first, the male. let me challenge that with a hypothetical. if reporters and analysts are punished for not towing a media company's political line, are they really free to do honest work?
8:57 pm
that's why you can never retire, there is no one quite like you. that is probably a good brian ross at abc news, carol atkinson works for sinclair broadcasting are two that come to mind. not true. so said the provision in the government mandates. because sanctimony and the self-righteousness are far more important to them then what's for the
8:58 pm
a lot. and i'm saving up to buy a place in new zealand right near you. well, thank you. one of the best benefits of being a member is that the daily newscast just for you where i can give you analysis that i can't do on tv, the no spin news every day, i'm
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really glad you like it. along with the discounts and the message boards and all that. check it out. "tip of the day," some good advice from pope francis if you're if you're a nonbeliever. the leader of the catholic church, very humble man, extremely interested in social behavior. the latest from the pope's advice to parents, that advice is do not let the urchins text during meals. i don't believe the pope used the word urchins but you get the idea. pope francis telling the world that meals are places where conversations with actual words. he doesn't want the kids with their heads down thumbing the machines while chewing, good for the pope. check out the fox news factor web site, word of the day, nowaggery.
9:00 pm
thank you for watching us tonight. i am i am bill o'reilly and please are a number that "the spin stops here." we are definitely looking out for you. >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," tonight we'll talk to someone who sounded the alarm that the president trump is a fascist bent on causing nuclear armageddon. a rare conservative professor will join us, he says his views are being systematically suppressed on his campus, not surprisingly. the trump administration amped up its efforts today against illegal immigration, and a set of rules that substantially expands the numbers of illegal immigrants prioritize for deportation. advocates for illegal immigrants say the rules are blueprints for mass deportations but one expert thinks the real victim will be the american economy. alex derosa is for theam


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